Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why did my Yahoo inbox suddenly empty itself and can I retrieve my messages?

Opened up my yahoo inbox and every message was gone except for a new message. My sent and trash was untouched and my other folders ok.|||You can read more about this on the forum,鈥?/a> Someone keeps pointing out my link is five months old. Quite true but still being updated most days. Lots of ideas to try but no definite solution. Yahoo are struggling with e-mail right now.|||Are your "Contacts' and "Address Book" still there.

Try a clean-up. See if it will get rid of the problem.

"Delete Cookies", "Empty Cache", and in History - "Clear"

Shut down computer. Wait 30 seconds. Start (not restart-its different)

Now all of those pesky memories of junk that was left from other sites is gone.

Sign in anew.

Let us know what happens.... everything should now be OK

Good luck|||Yahoo mail new version having this problem, thereby the explorer doesn't showing this mail to you.

Try to switch back to yahoo mail classic or switch your browser to google chrome or mozilla firefox. it should work.

best of luck.



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